Space Drawing (No. 7)

(Limerick, 2010)

“Space Drawing No.7” was created at an abandoned warehouse in the city centre of Limerick, Ireland in 2010. Like many other forsaken urban spaces in the city, this is a place where emptiness and decay are slowly taking place within a manufactured and civilized urban landscape. ‘Space Drawing No.7’ captures the social life of the warehouse through the energy released from a black bungee rope. The rope bounces from wall to wall, from floor to ceiling, from inside to outside mapping the space in an energetic and dynamic way and disclosing the unspeakable emptiness of the site.

‘Space Drawing’ is a series of experimental and multi-disciplinary installation and film work, which explores the idea of the simplest but the most fundamental function of a line – to divide, subtract and define a space.



Best of Artwork, ‘Young Overseas Chinese Invitational Exhibition’, He Xiangning Art Museum, China

The People’s Choice Award, ‘Mostyn Open 18’, Wales, United Kingdom


Best of WRO, 14th Media Art Biennale WRO 2011 – Alternative Now, Wrocław, Poland


Total 5 editions. 3 collected by He Xiangning Art Museum, China, Museum of Contemporary Art Busan, South Korea and Private collector

Space Drawing No 7_6 film still
Space Drawing No 7_3 film still
Space Drawing No 7_7_film still
Space Drawing No 7__1 film still