In Studio

当我们同在一起  (Together) No. 1, 2023, Brass, 5x15x13cm

当我们同在一起  (Together) No. 5, 2023, Brass, 14x2x13cm

Pencil Out I, 2021, Pencil, 20.5xo.5×0.5cm

Pencil In II, 2021, Pencil, 16.5xo.7×0.7cm

Depend On Where You Are, 2023, plastic and motor, 20x10x9cm

Untitled Walk I, 2016, slippers, 19x23x1cm

Double Coloa, 2011, coco cola cans, 19.5×6.5×6.5cm

Tok…… Tok……, 2021, wood, cast iron, 30×10.5x3cm

365/0, 2021, chalk and chalk board, 40.5×30.3cm

Erlang Shen (二郎神), 2021, plastic and carbon frame, 21x14x6cm

Kopi Teh, 2020, stainless steel, coffee, 64x53x18cm

Unititled SG, 2012, wood and cast iron, 25×10.5x3cm

当我们同在一起  (Together) No. 6, 2023, Brass, 4x13x21cm

当我们同在一起  (Together) No. 7, 2023, Brass, 10x14x17cm

Do Not Stand Above This Step, You can Lose Your Balance, 2012, mixed media, 114x58x196cm

Adapt Adapt Adapt Adapt Adapt Adapt…… (I), 2023, adapters and bulb, 12x12x320cm