Sound of the Earth 

(Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, 2014)

‘Sound of the Earth – Fukuoka’ is a sound installation using local clay to create sound. The kind of clay used  which is well-known for making Hakata-ningyo earthenware dolls in Fukuoka. Hakata doll, a traditional craft, has a long history tracing back to the 17th Century. One of the basic particles that make up matter is the electron. Under certain conditions, the electron in an object will generate a charge of energy. This reaction happens around us everywhere both in man-made and natural materials. ‘Sound of the Earth – Fukuoka’ plays with this ‘knowledge of nature’ by capturing the energy generated by electron from this locally found clay, and amplifying the energy with ceramic bowls made from the same material. The installation highlights the behaviour of the universe and celebrates natural things.

Sound of the Earth Fukuoka_wide view
Sound of the Earth Fukuoka_details 1
Sound of the Earth Fukuoka_view
Sound of the Earth Fukuoka_detials 2