Ling Ting 4

(Longni China 隆里古城 , 2017)

Ling Ting is the Hanyu Pinyin of listening/hearing. This series is meant to be participatory through the simple act of listening. The artwork captures the sound of the environment, and transmit the visitor’s own voice back to his/her own ears. The sound passes through the hollow holes and divert back to his/her own ears amplified. Through the process of sound travelling, this series offers the participants a singular experience listening closely to themselves. And in this situation, the visitor is relying on different kinds of knowledge, including contextual cues and relevant memories to process the sound he/she receives. Listening – an important sense to our everyday life to communicate information – is employed as a way to slow down the pace of contemporary life and be more observant to the changing environment. To slow down is to allow us to hear our own intuition, be cognizant of what our needs and desires are, and reflect the progress and development of our own environment. 

Ling Ting 4 is a permanent collection of Longni Ancient City 隆里古城 (Guizhou China). 


Ling Ting 4_Sai
Ling Ting 4_Singing_Sai
Ling Ting 4_Sai_back view